What better way to keep the children entertained than with a fantastic Magic Show?

Our Magic Shows are a great way to kick off any party and this service can either be booked standalone, or along with any of our other services.

What can you expect from our childrens entertainers fantastic Magic Shows?

Special playing cards vanishing into thin air

handkerchiefs tying themselves together right before your very eyes

Magical wiggly ropes stretching before your eyes!

Wibbly wobbly wands falling around everywhere

…and much much more!

How about one of the party-goers becoming the star of the show?

Like all good Magicians, our entertainers will need a volunteer!,cue the birthday boy (or girl) as it is their time to help with our entertainers legendary magic bag routine, and perhaps even perform some magic by themselves!

And wait, what if something went wrong during the show?

What if our entertainers magical powers suddenly came to an end, only for the volunteer to inherit the magical powers?

Our magic shows are a perfect blend of everything children love, magic, fun, silly ness, zany antics, and laughter.

It really is a no brainer to book our Magic Show in your package or separately so we can really make your event one to remember!